How to get started in Real Estate Investing

commercial-real-estateDo you ever want to invest in real estate but you don’t have a lot of money? If you’re facing this sort of situation, don’t worry. There are other ways to invest in real estate to acquire your first property even if you think you can’t afford it.

First Strategy: Get Some Funds – Use your money as a down payment and get a mortgage.
But then you may ask: “What if I don’t have enough for a down payment?” Don’t you worry, it happens! Keep reading for some other strategies to help you:

Use other people’s money: Sounds bad saying it that way but it isn’t bad at all. Rather a smart idea really! Get a partner to help you out. Another investor who is willing to partner up with you to invest. They have the funds for a down payment so you find the deal and complete it. Perfect way to invest! So what you’re doing is combining what you know or can do with their financial capital to invest. Your knowledge, network, and sweat equity is the value you bring to the table.

Participate in another aspect of the deal: Most people think of investing as the purchase of a property and its rental or sale. And within that process are many parts that an investor needs help on: Perhaps you know people with money and can make the introduction, or you can find below-market-value properties, or maybe you’re skilled in home renovations and can become the contractor, or even home maintenance and become the property manager. So many ways to participate in the real estate investing space without actually acquiring properties.

Just have a go at these strategies and you can get into real estate quickly without a lot of money. All these strategies work perfectly for new investors starting right here at home. (If you’re more advanced and have invested before you can also: invest in other country houses that may be considerably cheaper, or investing as a wholesaler, which buys and sells real estate purchase agreements instead of the property itself.)

Real estate investing is one of few businesses that you can start with little or no capital. There is some much room to be creative! For you to profit from the skills, experience and network that you’ve developed. No need for a lot of money if you bring something else of value to the table!!

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