Top 5 Must-Read Cleaning tips

Top 5 Must-Read Cleaning tips

When you plan on selling your home and are looking for the perfect and successful tips and tricks on how to make sure your home is clean enough and ready for showings or you simply want to do a thorough spring home cleaning don’t forget these spots in your home:

  • Carpet Stains
  • Bathroom Exhaust
  • Mold in Shower
  • Tub Cleaning
  • Kitchen Cabinets

And I’ll be throwing in another home tip for outdoors … something everyone comes across and most people don’t know what to do about it. (Read on to learn more and hear about this last tip!!) 🙂


  • Pull out your iron, a towel or cloth that you don’t mind throwing out after possibly due to stealing the stains from the carpet with, and Windex (warning with Blue Windex in case the you’re using it on a white carpet unless fade blue is what you want your beautifully white carpet to go too). So spray the Windex on the stain in the carpet, place the towel/cloth on the stain and iron down on it.
  • It would only make sense, right? The heat of the iron should activate the cleaner and hopefully remove the entire stain (all depending on the stain you’ve got going on there on your carpet). Don’t expect the whole stain to come out after a short time ironing the first round. You have to iron longer and if necessary spray some more Windex too. 🙂

55 Must-Read Cleaning Tips & Tricks


  • When I am cleaning my bathroom I like to keep it extra clean and pay good attention to details … but who thinks of the ceiling when you clean any room in your home? But next time you’re cleaning your bathroom take a look at the exhaust in there. Isn’t it just a mess!?! And to take a cloth to it and try to get into all those tiny places, No Thank-you! A simple blast of canned air with get rid of all the dust and mess in and around the exhaust just like that. Try it out and let me know what you think of it.

55 Must-Read Cleaning Tips & Tricks


  • Some people may not have come across this problem in their home and others never had it quite this bad looking. Mold in the shower is incredibly hard to get out. You can’t just scrub at it constantly and hard because you’ll eat away at the grout, and then the mold will get into the walls … then you’d have yourself quite the problem! Anyways, simply buy yourself some two items: bleach and cotton beauty coils, used for perms. The two together work miracles, I’m telling you!! Cut a piece of cotton coil and soak it in the bleach. Let it sit on the mold over night, and you may want to use a q-tip or something to press the coil to the molded area it’s the easy way and you don’t get any bleach on you’re fingers. And credit to Jessica @ This Blessed Life for her story.

55 Must-Read Cleaning Tips & Tricks


  • If I told you to mix together half dish soap and half vinegar and spray it on your tub, let it sit for an hour then just wipe it and you’ll have a tub that cleaned itself, would you believe me? Let me tell you, something like this doesn’t happen everyday but it works! It really works. Throw away those hours spent kneeling down and  scrubbing at your tub to have it shine again. Dawn dish soap and vinegar work miracles together; any mother that has more then enough cleaning and work to do at home would appreciate any miracles. You just wipe the grime away with a rag and you’re tub will sparkle I promise you. 🙂

55 Must-Read Cleaning Tips & Tricks


  • All I can say is vegetable oil and baking soda! yet again another home cleaning trick that can be achieved with only two, kitchen cabinet ingredients that everyone has. Mix the two ingredients in in a bowl together creating more of a pasty substance. Whether you choose to use your fingers, a cloth, or a toothbrush to get into every nook, the process is as simple as rubbing the paste on your kitchen cabinets and you’re sure to have all the grim rub off into the paste as it falls off the cabinet while rubbing. Continue to rub more paste as needed. So simple! Yet very effective. Check out the image of the balls of paste that have fallen with the grim. Impressive but disgusting 😛

55 Must-Read Cleaning Tips & Tricks    kitchen gunk remover


And now your promised outdoor tip added in…


Did you now this was even possible? I mean let’s be honest for a second, who really looks at those oil stains unless they are over powering our driveway. Then to really look into how to remove it and actually get to it … And just before you start cleaning those oil stains outside today or tomorrow, put yourself in your neighbors shoes … I could just imagine them saying, “How weird is that neighbor of ours, honey… take a look. She/He is scrubbing their driveway?” or “Mommy look at our neighbor brushing their driveway!” Ahahah 😛

  • Everybody appreciates and clean home and out door yard and area. Getting rid of those oil stains would just be amazing! Check it out: Pour-N-Restore. You may have never noticed the oil stains, or you have and didn’t worry about removing the stain, or you have noticed it, research ways to remove the stains and have come across a ton of ideas. Most experts would suggest using a brick to grind cat litter into the concrete but this doesn’t seem to remove the stain completely but just the oils. Try Pour-N-Restore. Simply apply it to the stain and use a brush to scrub at it. Like shown in the image below the liquid substance will soak up the oils and remove the stain leaving a powder like substance behind. (look at  me sounding so smart using fancy words :P). pick up the powder and there you have yourself a freshly clean driveway… Now listen to your neighbor’s saying, “Honey, look at that!” 😉

55 Must-Read Cleaning Tips & Tricks


Written by: Dina Catana

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